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October 2020

Middle aged cop putting handcuffs on drunk driver


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There could be various reasons why an individual commits a shoplifting act. It could be because of peer pressure, the inability to afford the product, a mental disorder, or an impulse. Although it may be tempting to see shoplifting acts as a juvenile and harmless crime, it is taken seriously in Colorado. It has no distinction between other forms of theft violation but has the right to release from jail through the Denver bail bonds service. This article will discuss what penalties you could face if you are charged with…

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Witness swearing on the bible telling the truth in the court room

Immunity in Exchange For Testimony In Denver, Colorado

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Once an accused person is released from jail through a 24-hour bail bonds company, he can’t wait to conclude his trial outside the prison while adhering to the set bail conditions. During the hearing, an individual might have a privilege of immunity to be a witness in exchange for his testimony. But what does immunity protection offer, and how does it apply in Denver, Colorado? The Fifth Amendment Right It is not only the accused person who is protected from the Fifth Amendment but also the witnesses of the alleged…

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Chalk drawn courthouse symbols and close handcuffed hands in suit

Double Jeopardy in Colorado Criminal Law

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After the defendant was released from jail due to the Denver bail bonds service, he can now continue living his life under the Court’s direction, and the 24/7 bail bond agent’s terms and conditions. However, being in a trial proceeding for a criminal charge can be an exhausting process for the defendant. What’s more is if the complainant will be able to retry your case even after the Court’s decision. That’s where the double jeopardy clause of the Fifth Amendment comes in. Double Jeopardy Basics Jeopardy in law means a risk of being charged with…

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