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Red’s AnyTime Bail Bonds has over 40 years of experience in the industry and is one of the first licensed bail bond agencies in Colorado.
We provide a variety of services for your convenience and always produce results. We’ll work with you to ensure the best deal possible.

A Pillar of the Community

We’re located on Delaware Street since 1989, and we offer a helping hand to both our customers and the community.
A strong supporter of our troops and veterans with a brick-and-mortar building. We are a locally owned business and our extensive experience is at your disposal.

Free Your Loved Ones

Come to a dependable bondsman who won’t mess around with a price. We offer flexible payment plans and discounts are also available!
We specialize in large bonds, writing bonds from $200 to over $1,000,000. Come to Denver’s most experienced, professional bondsman.

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Trust a local bail bond provider that has been serving the community loyally for the past forty years.

Our highly trained staff is here for you. Get a fair quote from Red’s AnyTime Bail Bonds when your loved one is in trouble.

Red’s AnyTime Bail Bonds
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Agency License 196544
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hands in jail locked with handcuff. Bail Bonds
November 29, 2019

Unsure About Getting a Bail Bondsman? Here’s Why You Should

Research studies state that since the year 2000, there’s been an increase of 31% in pretrial detention affecting the jail population. This was due to the inability of defendants to pay for bail even though most of those violations are misdemeanor offenses. Spending time in jail affects defendants and their families. Not everyone is convinced of the idea of using a local bail bondsman, but the expedited release of your loved one can only be made possible with a bail bond agency that you can trust. To help better decide if getting…
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November 22, 2019

Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do when Searching for an Inmate in Colorado

If a family member, friend or someone you care about gets arrested, the first thing that comes into your mind would be to find a way to get them out of jail asap. More than being reasonable, it’s our natural human reaction to help someone we care about when they are in distress. But before rushing to make a search for your arrested loved one, you should first know how to effectively perform an inmate search process. This can help to simplify your search and minimize the effort and time…

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